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What Makes Open Floor Plans So Popular?

May 29, 2020

Open floor plans are ideal for smaller homes and provide the openness that a larger residence boasts.

Essential living spaces have dramatically changed in the history of residential design. Kitchens that used to be walled off and separated have now become the center of social interaction. Even the preparation of food has been integrated into daily activities and conversations.

This design flow trend has effectively reduced or eliminated hallways that created wasted space, broadly undesirable in smaller, right-sized homes.

With fewer walls, rooms feel more prominent, and inclusive individual spaces can be imperceptibly smaller for construction efficiency.

Homeowners appreciate the ability to feel more connected to everyone in the household, including their pets. Dinner preparation does not mean missing the football game, the crackling fire, or feeling isolated from guests having a lively discussion in the living room.

A Little History…

Open floor plans almost became the norm for new construction in the 1990s, and even today, an open-concept floor plan adds real estate value to a home.

Dining and living rooms converged into one space as early as the beginning of the 1900s when the development of mass-industrialized housing production favored a more compact home design. New building materials and construction technologies led to shifts in architectural taste that led to more continuous interior spaces. The ranch and the split-level are often cited as the spark that lit the open concept’s fire.

However, kitchens continued to be walled off until they became viewed as part of the entertainment space – a lasting cultural shift.

Lifestyle Makes Open Floor Plan Popularity Prevail

It’s not a particular style of design or architecture that makes open concept appealing to homeowners. It’s about a lifestyle where different areas and ways of living fit naturally together.

Open living spaces are perfect for people who love company and the ability to keep an eye on younger family members while cooking. A host can prepare a snack while chatting with friends seated in the living room. People can be around each other while performing different tasks. Each of these spheres can complement each other without forcing a compromise.

At Nest Homes, we pride ourselves in offering open floor plan design in all of our homes, offering great views of landscaping and lakes from the entire shared open space. We take nesting seriously and know that the togetherness that open floor plans offer is valuable and precious!

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