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The Reserve at Langtree Plantation is Completed

June 1, 2020

“An Amazing Community” with Front and Back Porches

We recently closed on the last move-in-ready cottage-style home in The Reserve at Langtree Plantation, one of our popular Nest Homes communities – this one featuring twenty-six premier homes located in an area steeped in history and surrounded by restaurants, cultural events, excellent schools, vibrant shopping, and water sports.

There is great pride in finding the best land opportunities to develop thriving communities with families in mind. We want families to have plenty to explore and experience all year long without being too far from their homes. We love all the positive feedback about this premier community we envisioned and delivered on!

Selected Testimonials about The Reserve

“Not enough good things can be said about this amazing community. All the homes are built by one of the best builders in the nation, Nest Homes.” ~ Toby John Grear

“What I most love about The Reserve (and it’s a long list!) is the attention to detail that makes these homes feel so right. Built-ins, thick molding, spacious luxury baths, and kitchens. Plus the location can’t be beat!” ~ Deanna Wolfe

“This is a really nice small neighborhood. The homes are built by Nest Homes and feature front and back porches. Nest does a great job with attention to detail. The floor plans are a nice balance between functionality and spaciousness.” ~ Steven Sechrest

Front Porches Draw in the Spirit of Community

The front porch is integral to most of Nest Homes’s residential designs, and for a good reason. While the Italians enjoy their piazzas and the French spend time in sidewalk cafes, the front porch is almost unique to America. And Nest Homes focuses on a decidedly American vernacular in creating the perfect home for families, and the ideal community setting for neighbors.

The History of Front Porches

The front porch comes in many varieties, wide or narrow, one story or two, covering part or all of the front facade. According to Home & Garden Magazine, “Porches emerged beginning in the middle of the 19th century, as cities grew larger and families began living in individual homes. The front porch emerged as a place to see and be seen – to be outside but still sheltered by the home. Through the 1920s, the porch became a comfortable spot for a summer evening where the whole family would relax after dinner. Neighbors taking an evening stroll could engage in conversation or join the family with a visit.” 

Technology erased the front porch by the 1950s when radios and televisions inside and automobiles came to whisk us away for other entertainments. Patios and decks in the privacy of the backyard were more popular. And to modernize the home, the “old-fashioned” porch was torn off and replaced with a simple, modern stoop.

The American Cottage Design is Back!

Thankfully in the past half-decade, the pendulum is sweeping back in the other direction, especially as the American Cottage design is more popular than ever before. In The Reserve at Langtree and many of Nest Homes communities, the available plans offer the best of both worlds in having both a front and back porch!

Below are more photographs of the residences at The Reserve at Langtree

Front Porches Attract Neighbors and Displays of American Flags
An Inviting Streetscape Welcomes Family, Friends and Vistors
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