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The Importance of Customer Service from Your Home Builder

November 9, 2020

If you are embarking on building a home, you won’t have trouble finding people who will tell you it is not for the faint of heart! From the hundreds of decisions to a timetable that can sometimes feel unforgiving, your levels of stress may become hard to manage. However, an experienced home builder, like Nest Homes, who prioritizes excellent customer service can turn what should be stressful into an exhilarating experience. (See our October Blog Post about Steve Arpin’s experience).

Customer service from your home builder can go a long way. One way to sense a builder’s focus on the customer begins with your interactions with the sales office. Are they good listeners? Do they follow up with you in a timely fashion? Can you depend on them to help you with all matters? How much time are they spending with you?

If your experience with the sales staff is positive, you can rest assured that this is a customer-focused commitment throughout the organization. At Nest Homes, excellent customer service extends well past the building process and creates lifelong relationships. In a recent interview, Nest’s Zeno Hawkins explained, “We get to know these young families that build a Nest home expecting their first child, who is now the older sibling to two more. It’s amazing to be an integral part of these growing families and communities!”

Reduced Anxiety

Decision making does cause anxiety. Anxiety can turn into anger, confrontation, and even combative behavior. Building a home is one of the most massive investments a family will make, so the stakes feel overwhelming at times. Customer service plays an essential role in this process. The people at Nest Homes fully understand the emotional rollercoaster of building a home and are there to guide you through these anxious flourishes of stressful moments. Our team knows how to make a buyer feel calm and collected to make informed decisions. And unlike multi-state production builders, Nest Homes is far more agile in adjusting to unforeseen bumps or changes in mind.

Trust Always Comes First

Nest Homes, first and foremost, wants your trust from the beginning. Trust is the foundation of excellent customer service skills, and we have worked hard to earn it. Trust keeps buyers happy. At Nest, this is more than a skill set; it’s a character trait. Trust smoothes the mitigation of problems and delays that may occur. It allows us to speak to our clients on a level playing field on the same team.


The best outcome of having the best customer service in the building process is the outcome. It may be cliche to say that satisfaction is guaranteed, but all team members set out each day with that as our mantra. We are a family too, and this is our culture. We are proud to have outstanding referrals and repeat clients. We want to be part of your family and a builder for life. So your satisfaction is number one at Nest Homes.

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