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Sticks & Bricks: The Six Stages of Construction

January 8, 2021

Fast forward to this: You have signed your purchase agreement. You have selected your floor plan and made your design selections. Now, it’s time for construction to begin. What happens now? There are six distinct steps in the construction of your Nest home.

Step #1: Home Site Excavation & Foundation

Step #1 begins with home site excavation. Your home’s position is staked on the lot and prepped for the foundation. In many of our communities, this may already be completed for you. For homes with a basement or block wall construction, the concrete footing –the base on which your home’s foundation will rest– is poured, and when it’s set, gravel fill is placed around the footing or under the basement slab for drainage. Depending on the topography of your lot, your home’s foundation may be a slab, block wall, or poured wall foundation. Once set, waterproofing is applied, plumbing is installed, and the garage (and a basement slab) is prepped, poured, and finished.

Step #2: Framing

Step #2 is the most exciting phase for new homeowners because things start to take shape when the framing begins. Many homeowners think their home is near completion when we are only about one-third of the way through the construction process! During the framing phase, the subfloor, walls, stairs, and roof structure are built, and the roof is shingled. Window and door units are installed, and the backfilling around the foundation is done. Homeowners enjoy walking through the living spaces and imagining the flow of their future nest.

Step #3: Rough Mechanics

Step #3 is focused on installing the mechanical systems of the house, what we refer to as the “rough mechanics.” The property becomes abuzz with HVAC, plumbing, and electrician contractors. Insulation is installed in the walls, and drywall is staged for future installation. Utilities are also connected to the home at this time. There may be a pre-drywall review with you to go over the work already done on your home and discuss work to be completed in the next three steps.

Step #4: Drywall & Exterior Finishes

Step #4 shows progress more quickly than any other step. Rooms are separated and divided by drywall, giving you the finished visual effect of each space. As drywall is hung and finished, and the ceilings are insulated, outside brick, stone, and siding are installed. The site is graded for drainage and prepped for driveway, patios, and walkways.

Step #5: Interior Finishes

Step #5 is all about the interior finishes and probably the most exciting phase after framing. You see all the selections you made in our Design Center come to life. Your cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, interior doors, trim, rails, and many other details are installed. The visible portions of the rough mechanics such as faucets, controls, switch covers, and fixtures are installed soon after. At this point, you feel very close to practically moving in.

Step #6: Flooring & Painting

And now for the final Step #6! During this phase, your appliances and flooring are installed. Both the interior and exterior of your home is painted. Later, carpeting is installed, and finishing touches such as cleaning all surfaces are added. This phase ends with a quality assurance inspection, a walk-through, and a closing. The keys finally become yours to move into your finished nest —indeed a beautiful sight to behold after months of looking at a bunch of sticks and bricks!

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