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Selecting Foyer Lighting Fixtures For A Luxury Home

December 31, 2018

When someone enters your home, their first impression is formed in the foyer, and that includes the foyer lighting, paint scheme and amenities. Selecting foyer lighting fixtures for a luxury home is something you don’t want to skimp on, it’s something you want to choose to make your guests feel welcome and something to give your guests a great first impression of your home. The lighting should also set off the foyer’s décor, including making the paint colors and flooring “pop.”



Choosing the Proper Lighting

Before you can choose what you think might look best, you have to choose the proper type of lighting. This depends on the space you have available in the foyer. One-story lighting has a single layer of lights while two-story lighting fixtures have two layers of lights.

One-story lighting is shorter to accommodate ceilings of 8 feet or lower. These are often wider than they are tall to ensure you have plenty of light. If you have cathedral ceilings or 10-foot ceilings in the foyer, you could choose two-story lighting. These light fixtures are taller than they are wide and make the home more inviting since the ceiling doesn’t seem too far above you. Ideally, the bottom of the light should be about 8 feet from the floor.

If the foyer is wider, choose a wider style of light. If the foyer is narrow, choose a narrower style of light. You want enough light to be functional, but not so much that it overtakes the area and gives it a harsh look.

Choosing the Lighting Style

Once you choose the proper type of lighting, choose the style of lighting. Nest Homes has several foyer lighting ideas that work well with their Craftsman Style homes. From industrial to farmhouse styles, you have plenty of the best foyer lights to make an impression when guests walk into your home. For example, you might choose Nest Select lighting for the Four-Square home or the Modern Farmhouse Package for the Prairie Style Craftsman home.

Each type comes in several styles, including Nest Select, Industrial Package, Modern Package, Transitional Package, Modern Farmhouse Package, Contemporary Traditional Package and Mid-Century Package. The two-story versions of these lights are a modern twist on classic designs that create a lot of ambiance in the foyer.

Luxury Homes Deserve Luxury Amenities

Your idea of a luxury home may be very different from another person’s idea of luxury. It is what you make of it – so choose the luxury foyer lighting that you believe makes your home impressive. Whether you go with a more rustic-looking style or an industrial style depends on your personal tastes. You might combine a modern-type home with rustic amenities just to be different. Or, choose the transitional package of lighting to pair with the interior of a bungalow. When you add our hanging carriage lighting fixtures – transitional interpretations of traditional carriage lights, you also add ambiance and functionality all in one step.

The Craftsman style homes come in several types, including bungalow style, mission revival style, prairie style and four-square. Choose from several interior styles including transitional, modern, contemporary, artistic and antique-laden to pair with your favorite Craftsman style. Adding yet another style of lighting will create a unique luxury look to your home.

When you are ready for the best of the best in luxury homes with the freedom to choose what you consider luxury, contact Nest Homes for more information.

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