Our Story

We are North Carolina raised. We met at UNC-Chapel Hill. Both college athletes. One hitting hard with a bat while the other wrestled on a mat. When we weren’t having fun, we focused on our successful and impressive fathers for inspiration on where life would take us in the future.

After grad school, we both had high aspirations. The only trouble was, we just didn’t fit into the corporate-type culture at all —and not for lack of trying!! 

We started drawing on napkins over a couple of beers and dreaming up how we could combine our talents in development and home design into something that would excite us enough to toss our Brooks Brother suits out for good!

In 2014, with our wives and small kiddos in tow, we went all out for the American Dream and established Nest Homes. We like to refer to ourselves as Gentleman Builders.

We are not just designing and building houses. We make a lasting impact on those we hold dear: our family, friends, investment colleagues, employees, vendors, and the same community where we grew up.

It has been six years now, and already quite an exciting ride! We have an expansive office and design studio in Mooresville. We started with a 56-acre parcel of land on Lake Norman, and now manage sixteen communities and a handful of Signature Luxury Collection enclaves and projects from Lake Norman to Lake Wylie and everything in between. We offer starter homes for young families to exclusive, luxury executive homes in prime real estate locations. We take immense pride in championing the noble art of nesting for all stages of life.

Six years in, and while some things have changed, we are still the same guys who offered to carry that heavy cooler over a hundred yards to the ocean edge for our friends. We’re still having fun, surrounding ourselves with good folks and creating Americana nests for anyone we can. 

Thank you for believing in our vision to build your nest,

CEO & Chairman, Co-Founders & Buddies


Ps/ For a more in-depth story about us, open this link: The Triumph of Sisters Cove