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Nest on Top of Trends – Farmhouse Sinks

March 20, 2020

Not to brag, but we were ahead of this 2020 kitchen trend! Over the years, kitchen trends have been evolving, and some from the past come back again.

While it is associated with traditional and country house décor, it has also found its place in modern and contemporary kitchen living spaces. It is love for its deep capacity, practical

convenience, and charming style.

While adding a focal point of aesthetics, the popular appeal for this broader and deeper basin than a typical sink provides ample room for its intended functionality.

Designers often refer to farmhouse sinks as an apron or apron-front sink, which protrudes out past the cabinets’ edge for an extra dose of style. The larger extended basin is perfect for tackling large pots, pans, and dirty little hands.

The added depth reduces splashing on your hardwood flooring and limits the mess that can accumulate from water collecting on the countertop after doing the dishes. These sinks are beyond the kitchen counter’s edge, which allows you to lean over and clean dishes easier, eliminating or reducing back pain.

That sleek modern classic look and its desirable, durable construction of the farmhouse sink is in every Nest Home’s kitchen!

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