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Luxury Home Interior Designs For A Modern Home

October 15, 2018

If you’re looking for Mooresville luxury homes, but are having trouble finding that perfect lap of luxury that shouts “You!” then contact Nest Homes to help you design your own luxury home. Your idea of luxury might be very different from another person’s idea of luxury. For example, you might think rustic is luxurious while another person might think a stark white interior with commercial-looking appliances and counters is luxury.

It’s All About You

What makes a luxury home? Well, that depends on you. You know your tastes best, so you will be able to design your luxury home to your specifications. Whether you want a Craftsman home, a log cabin, ranch style, A-frame or other design, you can create your own with a luxury home builder in Mooresville NC. However, the outside is not the only thing that makes a home luxurious. Luxury home interiors match the outside, so that when someone steps on your front porch, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect inside.

Luxury Home Interior Bedrooms

Luxury bedrooms might include a separate alcove or even a separate room accessible only from the bedroom. You might use it for a library, a private office or even add French doors out to a deck or balcony so that you might enjoy a majestic view first thing in the morning or as the sun goes down.

Large his and hers walk-in closets with sweater shelves and shoe racks, thick carpeting and access to a large bedroom with a jetted tub might be some of the amenities in a luxury bedroom. Add a private deck outside of the bedroom – only accessible through the bedroom – for a hot tub. Add plants and other outdoor décor to create a relaxing place to sit after a long day or first thing in the morning. The master bath might have a large shower without borders and multiple shower heads.

Luxury Interior Design Living Rooms

A luxury living room depends on the type of house you decide to build. However, a multi-level living room would “fit” with any style. Add a stone fireplace with a majestic mantle, unique built-ins and flooring to match the style of the house. If you prefer carpet, choose thick, plush carpeting. You might also use marble tiles or real hardwood floors made with different types of wood.

In addition to your favorite furniture, add luxurious décor, including art on the walls. If the living room overlooks a view of a lake or mountains, you might put floor-to-ceiling windows, especially if you choose an A-frame home with a half loft.

Modern Luxury Interior Design Ideas

If you like the Craftsman style home, whether you choose a bungalow, prairie style or mission revival, decorate the interior so that it matches the unique style of the exterior of the home. Certain paint colors set off a Craftsman home and those colors are usually brought in from the outside. Even the columns on the porch that help set off this style of home might be strategically placed inside the home.

Kitchens may have built-ins or may be structured like a commercial kitchen with lots of chrome and easy-to-clean surfaces. The hardware you use in the kitchen also screams luxury, so you’ll want to choose something that not only goes with the kitchen décor, but that also looks luxurious. Carry the design of the kitchen over into the dining room, especially if you have an open floor plan.

Visit Our Design Center at Nest Homes

If you are in the market for a luxury home but are having a hard time finding something that meets your definition of luxury, contact our professional design center to discuss your ideas with a Mooresville luxury home builder.

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