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Global Rallycross Racing Champion, Steve Arpin, Loves His Nest

October 27, 2020









Sometimes referred to as the Canadian Cowboy, Steve Arpin has been a motorhead since he was a kid, according to Loenbro Motorsports. He is their ARX Rallycross driver in the No. 00 Ford Fiesta. His global racing has taken him to exciting places like Brazil, Germany, and, soon, Abu Dhabi.

When Arpin and his wife, Jen, were looking for a home, they were wary. Jen’s siblings had terrible experiences building their homes with two of the most recognized national builders in Ohio. Building a new home was out-of-the-question as a result, but after spending over one half a year searching, they realized they needed to consider new construction just like their family had. It was like shopping with a feeling of doom.

Local Nest Homes Was a Better Partner versus a National Builder

One thing that these large builders could offer was a semi-customized home without breaking their budget. But the downside is a laundry list of issues when dealing with a large corporation. They did not want to be just a number. “We fell in love with the people at Nest Homes because they are r-e-a-l people, approachable and caring,” exclaims Steve, “My in-laws could not believe how happy we were with a design and building process that they had tried to steer us away from all along. They were shocked.”

“The sales team was excellent giving us tours and ideas, even for what our next Nest Home might look like!” beams Steve, “Our project manager, who was an absolute joy to work with always kept us in the loop. If we noticed something, it was fixed – like immediately. We truly felt that Nest Homes was rolling out the red carpet for us – something a national builder could not even come close to achieving.”

Winning the Nest Homes’ 2020 Homeowner of the Year Award

“We had no idea at all. We thought it was just a follow-up visit with our project manager to check-in on us after moving in,” chimes Steve, “Frankly, if we could give Nest Homes a Builder of the Year Award, we would have done so gladly!”

Arpin is proud of the good-working relationship they had with Nest Homes during construction and believes the award is about that. “You know, challenges are par for the course in building a new home. We never complained. And sometimes I dropped the ball, like forgetting to pass along Jen’s hardware selections until she saw the wrong color had been installed. No matter what we faced together as a team, there was never finger-pointing. Things just were taken care of in an effortless way.” reflects Steve.

Steve’s Favorite Things About His New Nest?

“The attention to detail never gets old. The house feels well-built and solid as we move around it,” Steve muses, “We love the fit and finishes. Second to none. We cannot say enough good things about Nest Homes and their attributes. They were so accommodating to us. When we can afford a little bit more luxury, Nest Homes will be our builder again for sure.”

Left to right: Nest Home’s Zeno Hawkins, Jen & Steve Arpin holding their award, and Nest Home Project Manager, Ron Terpak

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