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At Nest Homes, Family Matters, Including Our Own

December 2, 2020

According to a professional association for human resource management professionals, about half of all employees want a workplace culture with a ‘family feel.’ Creating a familial atmosphere at Nest Homes has always been a natural extension of our genuine interest in our clients’ families’ wellbeing.

Our Philosophy Creates a Family Culture

The Nest Homes approach encourages healthy relationships with our clients and team members, resulting in better dynamics that help everyone work together more effectively.

“You know, we all like each other, so every day is a positive experience working for Nest Homes,” says Laketa Davis, Warranty Coordinator.

“My favorite thing about working at Nest Homes is how easily we get along. We all work very hard, but can also joke around with each other. It makes the workday very enjoyable. The owners care deeply about us as well. If any of us needed anything, they would be right there to help us out,” states Nancy Knutelsky, Financial Controller.

A Sense of Loyalty Goes a Long Way

We pride ourselves on having earned loyalty by encouraging expression, honesty, ideas, thoughts, and opinions with an open door policy. We foster an attitude of gratitude and a commitment to optimism, even when facing challenges.

“At Nest Homes, we are greatly supported and encouraged to excel. You don’t want to let yourself or anyone down,” explains Sophia Hume, Director of Sales & Marketing, “We have a flat organizational structure here that elevates the employees level of responsibility and also allows plenty of time with the founders of Nest Homes. They truly care about us, and in return, we can depend on them to achieve our best.”

We Build Fond Memories

 “Every day is a great new memory. Sure, some days don’t turn out like you want or wish. Still, every day we are making positive progress on multiple projects like completing a family’s dream home and building a young couple’s first home, all while implementing a vision that we had for a tract of land into reality!” exclaims Todd Jason Farlow, VP/General Counsel.

Our continued focus on team building cultivates an enviable collaborative and creative environment. We have a working environment that has impacted our work atmosphere and created a sense of social belonging. “My favorite thing about working here is that we are a family, and my fondest memories are the company gatherings and meetings,” adds Laketa.












Quality Downtime Together is Our Specialty!

 We believe that fun events and outings nurture better relationships between all of us. We want to have fun together and let off some steam from a hard-driving schedule. “On any given day, we may receive an invite to a social event. It may be a cookout or a chili cookoff at the farm we help tend to where farming equipment is the provided seating! This past winter, we were all invited to meet for lunch and join teams to shoot skeet at Hunting Creek Preserve in Harmony, NC. It was my first-time skeet shooting, and it was so much fun!” muses Sophia.

It’s Not About Us

Ever since the founding of Nest Homes, partners Eric and Zeno have always been the first to arrive and the last to leave. They work side-by-side with everyone and recognize the vast importance of every individual’s role and contribution to the company’s success.

“Not a day goes by that we don’t recognize that we are fortunate to have great stars working among us and with us—a lot of fantastic talent. We couldn’t do what we do without our Nest Homes family,” explains Zeno.


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