About Us

You’ll love building with us – it’s certain

In the world of home builders, NEST Homes is rare. While most luxury custom home builders work in a world of constantly changing variables, we nail everything down before we break ground. You know what you’re getting, what it will cost, and when you can move in -with certainty.

We strive for the extremely high level of design expected from a custom builder who crafts one home at a time. Yet, our robust services, specialized experts, disciplined processes, and leveraged efficiencies are like that of a volume production homebuilder. That’s why the fit and finish of our homes are superior to comparably priced homes in the same neighborhood. We achieve efficiencies constructing the parts of your home that you don’t see and invest that savings on the finishes and details you do see. There’s no compromise on quality. Anywhere. Ever.

Design is the heart of what we do

Our luxury custom homes feature the clean lines and modern feel relevant to today’s homebuyer. We blend pure, simple elegance with elements of quaint charm and state-of-the-art comfort. Our clients trust us to make their vision of a modern craftsman or elevated farmhouse a reality. We add value with high-end finishes and trims, as well as the fine details and thoughtful touches other builders often overlook.

Our model home tells you everything you need to know

If you want to know who we are as builders and what you can expect from your finished home, simply tour one of our model homes. Yes, our model will show you some available upgrades, but it’s not an “upgrade trap” like many model homes. Even without upgrades, our homes’ finishes and details are superior to other builders’ standard plans.

Indulge yourself in our Design Center

Have you been dreaming of your perfect home? You’ll be inspired by our 1,800-square-foot NEST Homes Design Center. We carefully curate our interior and exterior options and update our selections every season to reflect emerging trends. From faucets to floors, and everything in between, our professional interior designer will help you create drama in your home’s design without adding drama to your life.

Enjoy the VIP service from start to finish

At NEST Homes, we design like a niche luxury custom home builder, yet we have the staff, expertise, and financial resources of a volume production builder. That means you receive the VIP treatment from our friendly expert professionals during every phase of the home building process.

When you’re ready to build your custom luxury dream home, insist on the excellent value and design that is only available from NEST Homes.

Contact us now to start building your Dream Home today!