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8 Home Buying Myths (Part 2)

November 23, 2019

At Nest Homes, we understand that the home buying process can seem intimidating, and the intimidation factor only seems to go up when you build a home. After all, there’s so much information — sometimes bad advice from well-meaning people — it can be difficult to sort it all out and make a well-informed decision.

As one of the top Mooresville home building companies, we want to help you understand the home buying process. That’s why we’re dedicating a two-part series to clearing up eight of the most common misconceptions surrounding the home buying process.

If you missed the last four myths, we’ve included a link here for your ease of reference. For now, let’s get started with myth #5.

Home Builders Just Want To Sell The Most Expensive House

While it’s true that a home building company makes its profit based on the total cost of the home, a trustworthy home builder will always put the needs of their clients first — after all, their reputation is at stake.

While Nest Homes certainly offers additional add-ons that can bring a luxury feel to your home, we don’t use high-pressure tactics to get you to buy a home you can’t afford — or even want to own. We simply present the options and let you choose the ones that meet your taste and budget.

Building A Home Takes Too Long

The truth is, any building will take too long with the wrong builder. 

At Nest Homes, we take deadlines seriously, and with over 40 years of experience, we’ve perfected the process and can produce homes like a volume production home builder — all while delivering a level of design and detail that looks like we crafted each home one by one.

Financing A Home Is A Pain

While there is a slightly different process to financing a new construction home, a reputable home building company can help you through the process to ensure you’re properly financed. 

At Nest Homes, we can help you through the process and point you toward the right loans for your home and your unique situation. 

I Can’t Be Sure About The Home I’m Getting

While it’s true that building a home from the ground up has its unknown variables, choosing the right home building company can help ease the fear that comes with owning a brand new home — and all the problems that come with it.

At Nest Homes, we offer a one-year limited warranty agreement as part of the contract when you get your new home with us. While we always build our homes to the highest of quality standards, if anything ever slips through the cracks on our end, we’re happy to stand behind our work with this warranty.

Start The Home Building Process With Nest Homes

We hope this series has been helpful in clearing up some of the concerns you might have with home contractors and the home building process.

However, if you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Nest Homes — no matter where you are in the buying process. Our representatives can walk you through our home plans, schedule tours, or get you started with an estimate. We look forward to meeting you!

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