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8 Custom Home Buying Myths (Part 1)

October 22, 2019

At Nest Homes, we’ve got over 40 years of experience in the business. In that time, we’ve heard our fair share of misconceptions regarding the custom home buying process. The truth is, building a custom home isn’t as complicated or difficult as you might think. That’s why we’re dedicating the next couple of posts to demystifying the custom home buying process and clearing up a few myths surrounding it all.

If you’re thinking about starting the custom home building process in Mooresville or the surrounding areas, take some time to read our posts to get a clearer picture of what to expect. 

So without further ado, let’s start with the first myth!

It Costs Too Much

This is likely the most prevalent myth regarding building a custom home, and it seems like a logical one at first glance. After all, if I’m getting something custom designed to suit my unique tastes and needs, isn’t is going to cost me more?

However, that simply isn’t the case. While the cost of a home is based on size, layout, custom details, and other factors, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a beautiful custom home. In fact, most people are surprised at just how far a modest budget can take them. At Nest Homes, we help you find a home that meets your unique specifications while sticking to your budget. 

Custom Home Prices Include The Lot

Since we’re on the topic of price, it’s important to remember that custom home prices usually do not include the price of the lot.

At Nest Homes, we offer our “Your Nest Your Lot” program, which includes every aspect of the building process, including land development. We’ll turn your vacant lot into the house of your dreams.

I Need To Be A Design Expert

There’s few things that turn more people away from the concept of building a custom home than the belief that they have to be design experts (or at least skilled novices) to get the home they’ve always wanted. However, like many of the myths we’re sharing, that simply isn’t the case.

A top-quality custom home builder will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your custom home buying experience. At Nest Homes, we listen to your needs, your wants, and your family’s situation. From there, we’ll find a house plan — as well as all the extras — that’ll give you a home you’ll truly enjoy for years to come. 

The Process Is Too Stressful

While any big purchase has unavoidable stress, a lot of people avoid custom home buying because they believe the stress isn’t worth it. Again, this simply isn’t the case when you choose a top-tier custom home builder.

When you work with Nest Homes, we prioritize making the custom home process fun and exciting, not difficult or overwhelming. After all, we’re talking about building your dream home. 

Nest Homes Simplifies Custom Home Building  

If you’d like to work with a custom home building company that will prioritize your needs and make the process smooth, easy, and budget-friendly, contact Nest Homes to get started.

Also, make sure you stay tuned for next month’s post where we cover the next four myths!

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