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15 Great Interior Design Features, Part 2

January 23, 2020

Working with a custom home contractor means you have a hand in each and every part of the home-building process. While this gives you a lot of control, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what features of interior design to include. Continue reading our series for more examples of great interior design features, and don’t forget to mention them when you meet with Nest Homes to build your new Mooresville custom home.


The size of everything in your home should have some sort of balance to it; otherwise, things may look inexplicably off. If you choose large bay windows for your front room, pair it with large furniture to help fill the space, as small pieces will look child-size in front of such large windows.

The same can be said for choosing too large of furniture. If a room has limited space, choose furniture pieces that fit comfortably and don’t leave the room feel clunky or crowded. 

Keep proportions in mind when deciding wall height, window and door size, furniture size, and other architectural features so that everything feels balanced.


We mentioned this when talking about the importance of choosing comfortable furniture, but choosing interior design features based on functionality will make or break your love of your custom home.

Make sure rooms are designed with enough electrical outlets in convenient places, light fixtures are installed in areas where you’ll use them most, and window and door placement make sense for each room.


A growing concern for custom home contractors is the use of environmentally-friendly materials and designing custom homes with sustainability in mind. LED light fixtures, solar panels, and building with recycled materials are just a few examples of how a custom home contractor can incorporate eco-friendly practices into the building process. Not to mention, a lot of these features create a sleeker, more contemporary design that many homeowners are looking for in a custom home.

Color Palette

One of the easiest ways to customize a space is with different paint colors and materials. Walk down a single aisle of paint swatches in a hardware store, and you’ll realize just how many options you have. 

A custom home contractor can help you decide on a color palette for your home that creates a warm, inviting environment while also being a reflection of your favorite colors.


Texture is another great interior design feature that helps create a unique atmosphere in your custom home. Different materials and finishes can be combined to create a variety of textures within a space. An area rug alone has a variety of textures and materials available to help you make your custom home something that’s a true reflection of you and your taste.

Trust a Professional Custom Home Contractor

When going through the home-building process with a custom home contractor, it’s important to communicate the features of interior design that are most important to you. At Next Home, we are dedicated to building you a beautiful Mooresville home that you love, so contact us today to get started.

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This post was written by Krissy Highland